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the biography of Inger Stevens
AVAILABLE at www.xlibris.com

The 70,000 word biography by William T. Patterson contains a foreward by actor William Windom, a preface, bibliography, research and end notes, an appendix covering her acting career and an index, plus 12 unpublished photographs.
For more ordering information go to any of the major booksellers' online websites (e.g., Amazon, Borders, etc.) and search using either Inger's or Bill's name. Bill's own site has been taken down due to his passing.

Need a Complete List of Episodes for The Farmer's Daughter? Click here at epguides.com !

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April 2010: A Special Commemorative Page on the 40th Anniversary of Inger's Passing
Featuring An Exclusive Audio Treat for Visitors to the Commemorative Page!

July 2010: A Desktop Wallpaper Created by Samuel Rubinstein, Inger's Nephew!
Samuel has allowed us to post his tribute to his aunt!

September 2010: Our videos are on YouTube! Check out "Inger Stevens The Loving Room" ,"Still More Inger Stevens" ,"Svenska Flicka: Remembering Inger Stevens" and our latest, "Svenska Flicka II: A Candid Look" !

April 30, 2011: Two new videos uploaded to YouTube: "Inger Stevens: The Farmer's Daughter Gets Married!" Also by request, two versions of the show's 3rd season intro: original B&W, and later color!

July 2012: Still More New Images for Our Site! Inger in a harem outfit! Photos and scans courtesy of Ron Green! Thanks for the contribution, Ron!

August 19, 2012: Saddened to learn that William Windom, Inger's Emmy Award-winning co-star from The Farmer's Daughter, passed away today at his home in Woodacre, California. He was 88 years old.

Bill was known to television audiences for a number of iconic roles he brought to life: Angela Lansbury's doctor friend on Murder, She Wrote; the James Thurber-inspired writer from My World and Welcome to It; a classic performance from Rod Serling's Night Gallery episode "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar"; and of course, Commodore Decker in the Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine." In addition to other film roles and appearances on stage, Bill was a gentleman and a consummate professional. I was fortunate to speak with him at an autograph signing a few years ago, and presented him a completed copy of William Patterson's biography of Inger. He had, of course, written the foreward to the book as it was being drafted, and shared many conversations with Patterson as it was being researched. Bill Windom's insights, recollections, and anecdotes about The Farmer's Daughter and Inger are invaluable in creating and maintaining an accurate portrait of who she truly was.

William Windom, star of television, film, and stage, leaves behind a diverse body of work and accomplishments that would be coveted by any performer today. Bill, you will certainly be missed.

January 2013: More New Images of Inger to Start the New Year!

February 2013: It's Back to Stay! Our 2012 Commemorative Tribute Gallery is Active Again!

Thanks to Inger fans from all over for your continuing interest! Our gallery first opened for visitors on April 30th to May 4th in memory of the 42nd anniversary of Inger's passing, and returned for one week starting from October 18th in honor of Inger's birthday. In response to those who might have missed it, the link to our special gallery is once again active! This 2012 tribute gallery features some rare photos of Inger, not generally seen on any website! Click on this link to check out the 2012 Tribute Gallery!

February 2013: Gary Brumburgh's article on Inger in the May 2011 #431 issue of Classic Images magazine now online on our site!
Gary is a regular contributor to the IMDB website and has written a number of articles and biographies of performers! With his permission, we've uploaded a special edition of his article for our website!
Check out his featured article here!

March 2013: Two New Screen Capture Images from The Twilight Zone "The Hitchhiker" episode! (A special request from Gary B.!)

April 2013: Sorry you missed it!
Our link to the 2013 Commemorative Tribute Gallery is now closed.

May 2013: "Say, Isn't That Inger Stevens?"
Here is a new page on our site that covers instances where Inger was mistaken for someone else! > Click here to check it out!

July, 2013: A Poignant Remembrance of Inger

I attended the Hollywood Celebrity Autograph Show today at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles. In attendance were Don Murray and France Nuyen. According to Bill Patterson, Ms. Nuyen was among the few who were present at Inger's memorial service. When I spoke with Ms. Nuyen, she couldn't recall with 100% certainty that she was present at the memorial, but did share some other recollections of Inger: "...she and I were good friends...She was the first one who taught me how to truly read a script...to be prepared...She was so warm and open-hearted...we were very good friends...in fact, we were scheduled for a doctor's appointment together; she was going to see him because I referred her to him...Of course, we never made it...It was so shocking when I heard the news...It still brings up many sad memories..." At that point Ms. Nuyen lost her composure to a slight degree, saying "It's difficult to talk about such things..." I explained to her the purpose of the website, and how few of Inger's contemporaries are around from which to gather recollections. Ms. Nuyen nodded, but could not continue our chat, repeating to me "...we were good friends, close...it's difficult to talk..." With that, I could only thank her for her comments and remembrances of Inger, and apologized for bringing up any sense of sadness she felt....

For those who knew her personally, such as Ms. Nuyen, Inger's leaving 43 years ago still stirs up strong emotions...

Thanks to everyone who shared Our 2013 Birthday tribute! The link is now closed.

I hope everyone had a pleasant experience as we jumped back in time to attend Inger's birthday party! I know some of us had file viewing/download issues, but hopefully there was enough on the tribute pages to make up for the inconvenience. For those who could view all the files without problems, I'm sure you enjoyed the final Easter egg on the second page! It was such a rare thing to enjoy, after going so many years unseen in any form or length. A special thanks to all who took the time to relay their feedback!

February 14, 2014: Ralph Waite Passes Away

Actor Ralph Waite, known mainly for his role as the father figure on television's longtime running series The Waltons, passed away yesterday at age 85 in Palm Desert, California. For Inger fans, he is best known as "The Man from Toledo" in The Borgia Stick. A familiar face on television with a lengthy list of appearances in both large and small screen, Mr. Waite will be missed.

April 2014: Be sure to check out our 2014 Memorial Page!

Our 2014 Memorial is up! Visit our new page that honors and remembers our favorite Swedish actress! There are some new, rarely seen photos of Inger! Click here to see it now!

September 12, 2014: Leon F. Cardini, Sr. Passes Away

Acclaimed interior designer, antique dealer, and artisan Leon F. Cardini passed away in Prescott, Arizona on September 9, 2014. More than a friend of Inger's, Mr. Cardini at one time was partners with her in an interior design business based in Los Angeles. He was scheduled to meet with Inger midmorning on April 30, 1970 to discuss purchasing some antiques and other art pieces in Mexico for the business. Rest in peace, Mr. Cardini, and give our regards to Inger...

October 12, 2014: Ike L. Jones Passes Away

It was reported today in The Los Angeles Times that Isaac L. Jones passed away last Sunday, October 5, 2014, at the age of eighty-four. The paper stated that Ike had suffered a stroke several months ago, and that he had been staying at an assisted living facility in Los Angeles since. Read the complete obituary here.

October 19, 2014: A Simple Birthday Tribute

Click here to view our 2014 greetings to Inger!

December 9, 2014: The Burt Reynolds Auction
On December 11, 2014 almost 700 items from the career of actor Burt Reynolds will be up for public auction, conducted by Julien's Auction House. Among the items up for bid are two versions of Reynold's award for his ABC Movie of the Week with Inger, Run, Simon, Run. Reynolds was awarded the Wrangler Award by the Western Heritage Society. Here are two images of the award. I do not know why there are two versions of the award. As of 12/9/14, the bids on each version of the award average $350 dollars.

Click here for Our 2015 Commemorative Tribute

October 18, 2015: Our 2015 Birthday Greeting! Click here to view this year's celebration for Inger!
Click here for Our 2016 Commemorative Tribute Page

Happy Birthday, Inger! It's 2016!
I do apologize to all Inger fans and followers of the website because I didn't get an opportunity to put together a birthday greeting page as I have done in past years. Personal commitments cut into the amount of time I could set aside for creating something enjoyable for every one. So instead, here is a different kind of treat for Inger fans: a few new photos that have turned up! Happy Birthday, kara Inger!


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Thanks for being patient as I add more material to the site!

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By Bill Patterson (2000)

Fenelon [the site's original author] asked me to write something about Inger on the 30th anniversary of her death.  I thought to myself that there was little to say that I have not already said.  Then I looked on my wall and saw a miniature of her star on Hollywood Boulevard. Now, we all know that she never had a star placed there.  When I started her biography, many moons ago, I saw a star kit in a souvenir store that allowed you to put any person's name on it and hang it on your wall, which I did.  I figured this was the closest she would get to having a star on the Boulevard.

Now I have changed my mind.  When I first heard about this site, very few people were visiting it.  Now it is visited by at least 50 people a day.  In April of 2000, 1,000 hits were made in 10 days!!  Inger is seen on television at least once a week.  When I was trying to get agents or publishers interested in the biography, they all said no one knows who she was.  How wrong they were!   Inger is alive and well - at least in spirit and in the minds of those who remember her.  With the way her popularity is soaring today, I feel that in some way or some how, she will get the star she so richly deserves.


December 2007:

It's with sadness that I must inform our visitors that Bill Patterson, author of "The Farmer's Daughter Remembered", passed away at his home late November. On behalf of all Inger's fans, we owe Bill a debt for writing her life story, for fighting to keep her memory alive, and for sharing his insights about our favorite actress. Bill will be missed by his family and his many friends.

Karen & Sheri, thank you so much for Bill's research & materials! They will go a long way towards enabling this website to flourish! When the time comes, all of his work will be passed on, according to his wishes. I truly enjoyed his friendship and am happy to have been of some help to him!

April 2008:

This 38th anniversary of Inger's passing is a bit more somber than usual, because I am reminded that Bill Patterson is also no longer with us. Typically around the anniversary of Inger's death, there is a spike of interest in her career and the number of hits to this website jumps accordingly. There is also an increase in the number of questions about Inger directed to this site. That's when I realize how important a resource Bill was to Fenelon [the site's originator] and then to me, once Fenelon "passed on" responsibility for the site. I appreciate the time and effort Bill spent gathering information for his book, because it is at the least, an attempt to document Inger's colorful life, when no one else had done so previously. So simply as a fan, I am grateful for any and all things that keeps Inger's memory alive, anything that expands my knowledge and appreciation of her as a gifted actress and as a genuine, caring person.

I am also aware of some of the mixed reviews and criticisms Bill received about his book, about the accuracy of some of the facts mentioned, and about the basis of some of the questions he raises regarding the circumstances of Inger's passing. Let me say this: I saw firsthand how Bill struggled to find a publisher for his manuscript and being turned down repeatedly, being told there was simply no interest in Inger. When Bill eventually struck an agreement with Xlibris, he did not have the luxury of a professional editor to proof his manuscript or suggest changes in writing style. I am also the first to admit I have no way to vouch for the veracity his assumptions or conclusions; I'm simply a fan. I do agree that many of the facts of Inger's life have been obscured and distorted by a number of factors: time, failing memories, hearsay inadvertently passed on as fact, misinterpretations and exaggerations. One of Bill Patterson's own stated goals for writing Inger's life story was to try to separate fact from tabloid, "fanzine" fiction, but given the sheer amount of what has been written in the past in the press and assumed as fact, he could not have succeeded. It isn't much of a stretch to say even his own efforts may have contributed to the confusion and misinformation: some aspects of Inger's life are simply unverifiable today, and it was impossible to interview all of her family and friends for their insights. For this reason alone, as in all things, the reader/visitor needs to contemplate what they perceive to be the facts, evaluate things, and then draw their own conclusions, form their own opinions - and ensure they remain exactly that: personal constructs and opinions, not facts.

I say this because in overseeing this site, I am constantly reminded of the sensitive nature dealing with many facets of Inger's personal life. It's not difficult to understand her family being upset with all of the misinformation and sensationalism that has been tossed out over the years, especially around the circumstances of her relationships and passing. It's not my intention offend anyone or to intrude upon Inger's family's privacy or to be insensitive to their sense of loss, even with the passage of time. If there are gross inaccuracies in the site's content, I wholeheartedley welcome the family's comments and criticisms, and I will make the necessary corrections! The site will always be an open, non-commercial, collaborative effort to commemorate Inger's amazing career and personal accomplishments.

April 2009:

This year marks the 39th anniversary of Inger's passing...has it really been that long? For many of us who recall that day in 1970, it somehow doesn't seem all that long ago. Yet the inevitable march of time continues on, and every year there are fewer of Inger's contemporaries who can recall firsthand their memories and anecdotes of our favorite actress. Last year, Inger's good friends Del Close and George Furth passed away, as did her Madigan co-star, Richard Widmark. Last year, I was fortunate enough to speak with Peter Falk very briefly about his work with Inger, and he continues to have only positive memories of her, even after all these years. In a similar vein, a co-worker of mine just recently watched The Hitchhiker episode for the first time, and she commented about how impressive Inger was in the role:"...the blonde actress...she was really good...she made the show so scary!" Perhaps it's a measure of Inger's talent, of how good an actress she was, that people watching her performances now in 2009 are still captivated by her work. She continues to garner new fans so many years later; how impressive is that? I think in some small way it will explain why so many will pause to remember this individual on April 30th...

Rest in peace, Inger; your family, friends, and fans are thinking of you.

March 1, 2012

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Inger's passing. In light of this, it is surprising to see the number of views of Inger-related videos on YouTube constantly go up and to read the comments left by her fans, both new and old alike. Interest in Inger's life and career remains steady even after the passage of so many years. Unfortunately, there is a point of diminishing returns when trying to uncover new facts and photos of Inger to add to our website. Some of our visitors may have noticed that there weren't as many updates recently as compared to the year before, and the reason for this is simple enough: the proverbial well may be running dry. It stands to reason that during her career, there were a finite number of photos taken of Inger. A cursory review of celebrity photo sources always seem to turn up the same portraits and poses already commonly seen. While I'm sure there are candids and personal photos of Inger that have not yet been seen by the public, they are most certainly held by family and friends and remain personal and private. For that reason, updates to our site will be still be posted, but only when enough material has been accumulated to warrant the time spent on maintaining the site. Thanks so much for being patient!


To the entire Stensland and Rubinstein Extended Families:

Please know that I will always strive to be conscientious and sensitive to the material that is posted.The focus will always be on Inger's professional accomplishments and those personal qualities that endeared her to us all. The site is not a forum to spread speculation or inuendo, or to pass judgment on Inger's life choices; it is simply a tribute to a talented, beautiful woman who gave much of herself to her craft and so much more to those around her. She was more than simply a "star" or celebrity: she was a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin - in other words, a very real member of your family, with likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, talents and flaws. I know she is both missed and cherished, and the sense of loss and sadness is still present for your family. For this reason, my goal for the site is to be truthful, accurate, and non-judgmental whenever possible. In no way do I claim to be an expert on Inger's life - far from it! I leave that distinction for others more qualified than me! The comments and opinions expressed by others on the internet who in turn reference this website are soley theirs alone; they do not reflect the position of this writer nor does this website endorse their individual beliefs. The Inger Stevens Memorial Website as I oversee it, will always be a simple celebration of Inger's life.

I did notice that in the past 2 of Inger's relatives signed the guestbook; I hope that family members continue to visit and see the site as a digital family photo album. I hope they see it with a sense of pride in their hearts and as a source of fond memories of someone loved, admired, and respected by many. My standard is that if she were here today and she visited the website, Inger would feel somewhat flattered and not too embarassed or upset with me! My goal is simple: keep it informative, enjoyable, honest, and most importantly, respectful to everyone - I think she would have liked it that way. So, as a fan and admirer, I think it's the least I can do.

Thanks for visiting the site,

Jerry Lem


First and foremost, my thanks to Fenelon, this site's original author and caretaker, for having the vision and dedication to create this digital tribute to our favorite actress. Establishing and maintaining a website back in 1997 was certainly a tedious and painstaking task, given the rudimentary web authoring tools at hand. Nevertheless, his hard work and open invitation for contributions to the site allowed it to grow and evolve. He warmly welcomed Bill Patterson's and my suggestions to enhance the site, and an international online friendship soon began. Our mutual admiration for Inger was the cornerstone building block that allowed the site to flourish, and it is testimony to Inger's international appeal.

My thanks also go to the fans who contributed to the site in the past with scans and artwork; to everyone who's emailed or left comments in the guestbook: your feedback tells me Inger is fondly remembered! With regards to the photos used on the site, it is not my intention to infringe upon copyrights, so I will try to make the proper acknowledgments when needed and/or take whatever steps necessary to respect everyone's rights. This is soley a fan-appreciation, non-profit website, with nothing being solicited or sold. Thanks again to everyone who's visited and contributed!

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